We are about to release something we have about George Zimmerman That is really going to freak you out. Even George doesn’t know what we have about him.


Thank you everyone who has sent us info on this case.


Projected to release before the end of this month of November but we have to get this right. This is something that has never been seen before.


If you have anything else that is new and unknown about this case we welcome it.


You know, A lot of things have been said about Trayvon. Things like “He was taller than you think”,” He smoked some pot in school”,”There is a picture of him shooting the bird”.   




Well 17 year old kids do a lot of goofy things but one thing is for sure. He was just a 17 year old kid trying to get home after going to the store for a bag of skittles and an Arizona Iced tea......


That’s all.


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